Why doesn't my Subform Requery with a Combo Text Box?

Why doesn't my Subform Requery? I have 3 Combo Text boxes along with a Refresh Button and a Print Button on the Form.
The code for these are below. I have also attached the file for reference. The form in question is TestNEWForm2.
What am I doing wrong??
Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


Private Sub CmbCustomerSearch_AfterUpdate()
Dim MyCustomerSearch As String
MyCustomerSearch = "SELECT * From [tbl_Customer] Where ([Field3] ='" & Me.CmbCustomerSearch.Column(1) & "')"
Me.tbl_Customer_subform1.Form.RecordSource = MyCustomerSearch
Me.CmbWriters2 = Null
Me.CmbPriceLines2 = Null
End Sub

Private Sub CmbPriceLines2_AfterUpdate()
Dim MyPriceLines2 As String
MyPriceLines2 = "SELECT * From [tbl_Customer] Where ([Field10] ='" & Me.CmbPriceLines2.Column(1) & "')"
Me.tbl_Customer_subform1.Form.RecordSource = MyPriceLines2
Me.CmbWriters2 = Null
Me.CmbCustomerSearch = Null
End Sub

Private Sub CmbWriterr_AfterUpdate()
Dim myWriter As String
myWriter = "SELECT * From [tbl_Customer] Where ([Field17] ='" & Me.CmbWriterr.Column(1) & "')"
Me.tbl_Customer_subform1.Form.RecordSource = myWriter
Me.CmbPriceLines2 = Null
Me.CmbCustomerSearch = Null
End Sub

Private Sub Command74_Click()
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrintSelection
End Sub

Private Sub ReFresh_Click()

Me.tbl_Customer_subform1.Form.RecordSource = "tbl_Customer"

End Sub
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I don't see any form with three combos and I looked at all NINE forms.  You might have told us what form we needed to look at.  Form1 seems to be the most complete form and for it's ONE combo, the subform filters correctly.

PS best practice is to give objects meaningful names Field3, Text98, etc are completely inappropriate object names.  You also have queries prefixed with tbl_  - that's going to cause confusion.  You save yourself a lot of work and prevent subtle bugs when you use some discipline in naming.
ES-ComponentsAuthor Commented:
I have uploaded the file again. There are 12 Forms in the file. Please look at the form called
"TestNEWForm2.   This is the one that does not work.

Thank you.
The problem was that you changed the combo so that it only returned a single field but in your SQL you were referring to the SECOND column

This is the fix

myWriter = "SELECT * From [tbl_Customer] Where ([Field17] ='" & Me.CmbWriterr & "')"
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ES-ComponentsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Pat,
I just figured it out. One additional thing. Now that it works based on what you just showed me, is there a way I can add just 2 more text boxes with a button that I could enter a date range that would select out the range from the subform?

Please let me know. I will be awarding you for the Best Solution.

You just use the same technique.  Add the two textboxes.  Set their format to Short Date so that Access knows they are supposed to be dates and will show the date picker.

Rather than putting the code in the click event of the combo, Add a button.  The click event of the button should verify that all three fields are present and then build the SQL String.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
I think that my attachment will cover all your needs..
Also no need for Refresh....just make your selections...the records will get filtered on the spot...and when you want to start over just press the Clear Filters button.


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ES-ComponentsAuthor Commented:
Thank you John,
I liked your solution to my problem. I am not a programmer, so my attempt at solving the problem may not be the best way. It took me a little bit to understand your code solution, and without a doubt yours is the best!!
I can now move on to the next section of this project.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Glad you liked it...:)
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