How to assign the same letter to two different flash drives

Will Schmidt
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I have two flash that I am using to back up Quick books.  Each night I use "1" drive and the next night I use "2" drive.  The problem is, Quickbooks always uses the same drive letter to do it's backup.  However, Windows assigns a different drive letter each time I insert the different drive.
This problem also exists with sync back software.  If the backup drive is assigned "E" and I take the backup drive out, then the next time I plug it in, Windows might assign it a different drive letter and so Sync back can't back up until I manually assign it the same as before.  
 Is there a way to force windows 10 to keep the same drive letter to both drives?
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nope as they are different devices. althought they are using the same plug.
Quid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
Possibly, just possibly, look at these two links

The second one was the method used in the old days and it appears to still work under Windows 10.


I downloaded the USBDLM V5.3.5 and looked at it some, but I will need to study it a bit to see how to use it.  right now it seems confusing to me, but maybe I'll figure it out.  Thanks for helping me with this.

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