How to expand a VM drive in a HyperV cluster?

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We have a Hyper-V cluster consisting of 3 hosts sharing 5 VMs. The disks are part of an iSCSI storage. One of our servers "server1" has its drive D on:
C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\HyperV\server1\Virtual Hard Disks\server1\DATA_5F06292E-D0FD-4D21-AD25-DFF18040CFD7.avhdx
We traced Volume1 to Cluster Disk 2 which has 6.8TB with 1.5TB free.

Is expanding server1 drive D volume the same as if this HyperV host was a stand alone?

Should I follow these steps here or are there any special consideration for a Hyper-V cluster?

Also, I noticed some VMs have a lot of checkpoints, which are only visible from Hyper-V manager. Can I safely remove those? I am assuming they are tight up to our backup software Altaro which is not used anymore.

Many thanks for your help.
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer Lindows

Yes  expanding is practically the same if the storage were local, you make sure your central disk pool has the space left. The only difference is you have to enkarge the partition is disk manager before you can expand the virtual hdd in the cluster manager.
On the checkpoint part, yes you can safely delete them, it can take some time before merging is done.

kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer
Didn't I see this question on another forum? Checkpoints need to be deleted and merged before you can expand the VHDX. Do a VHDX expansion just like normal, but through Cluster Manager.


Fantastic information folks, thank you very much.

Patrick, I am a little confused though when you said I should enlarge the partition in disk manager first before expanding the virtual HDD. Is that the reverse course of action. I was planning on shutting down the VM from Cluster Manager, edit drive D, expand by 100GB, save, restart the VM, then go to the disk manger on the VM and expand it there. Is that not the correct course of action or did I miss understood you?

Kevin, you probably saw this question at Spiceworks forums :) As for merging checkpoints, how do I do that?

Thanks a bunch folks!
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I think Patrick managed to get his answer the wrong way around.

If the vDisk is connected on SCSi within the VM, and the OS supports live expansion (such as 2012r2 on a G2 VM), expanding can be done while the VM is live.
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer Lindows

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