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Murray Brown
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I have built a simple accounting system in Access  and modelled it around Northwind. I have
modelled the inventory part very much around Northwind. I now need to build a Bill of Materials component.

Does anyone know whether Northwind does this? Any recommendations on how to go about it would be greatly appreciated.

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Northwinds doesn't contain BOM features.

BOM is, essentially, a Master-Child setup. You would have a table to store your BOM "Header", and then a table to store each component of that "header" (the "detail" table).

Some setups I've seen incorporate a "Bill_Of_xxx" table, like a Bill_Of_Jobs. This would store data about the 'root' job, and each "component" job, along with that component's "parent" job. This allows for a recursive structure, where a BOM "component" could also be a "parent".

This is typically represented in Access as a Form-Subform relationship.
Murray Developer


Thanks very much.

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