Trying to get all related data for a record to show on 1 line

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Haven't used access in a while, and cannot remember how to do something which I thought I remembered as simple.

I'm trying to get a query or form or report to display all data for a record on 1 row. Right now data displays like this...

fFName	fLName	fEmployeeNum	fBookTitle
Jack	Jones	jjs123456	Book1
Jack	Jones	jjs123456	Book2
Jack	Jones	jjs123456	Book3
Jack	Jones	jjs123456	Book4
Cathy 	Carson	ccn987654	Book1
Pete 	Parsons	pp678123	Book1
Pete 	Parsons	pp678123	Book3
Pete 	Parsons	pp678123	Book4

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And I want it to show like...

Jack	Jones	jjs123456	Book1	Book2	Book3	Book4
Cathy 	Carson	ccn987654	Book1
Pete 	Parsons	pp678123	Book1	Book3	Book4

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I'm using the following 3 tables


-fPeopleID (FK to tblPeople IDp)

-fPeopleID (FK tp tblPeople IDp)
-fBooksID (FK tp tblBooks IDb)

As I said, I haven't used Access in a while, and I'm a bit rusty.
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Allen Browne has developed a utility function that concatenates results of a query in one row....take a look here
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Hmm, cross tab query ?

TRANSFORM First(tblBooks.fBookTitle) AS FirstOfBookTitle
SELECT tblPeople.fFName, tblPeople.fLName
         tblPeople INNER JOIN tblPeopleBooks
             ON tblPeople.IDp = tblPeopleBooks.fPeopleID)
         ON tblBooks.IDb = tblPeopleBooks.fBooksID
GROUP BY tblPeople.fFName, tblPeople.fLName
PIVOT tblBooks.fBookTitle;

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PS: I Don't see the purpose of the fPeopleID column in tblBooks
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fPeopleID was to be FK to the PK 'IDp' in tblPeople table, if needed for a relationship.
Fabrice LambertConsulting
Distinguished Expert 2017

From what I understood, you have a many to many Relationship between the tblBooks and tblPeople tables.
This relationship is implemented via the tblPeopleBooks table, so no need to have an additional key in th tblBooks table.

That will effectively make a many to many and many to one relationship between the tables, wich make no sens.


Perfect, Fabrice! Exactly what I was looking for; The output was a little messy for some reason, but I'm exporting to a csv text, and running a couple RegEx's against it for cleanup.  

I learned and re-learned a lot by picking apart the query you provided, particularly the nesting of the inner joins of the SELECT; I expanded it to include other fields, and it really fleshed out the data. I hope I did that correctly; I'll bounce it against other data to see.

Thanks again, all!

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