need of online ups for server why not offline ups

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Would like to understand why online ups is recommended for server what happens if offline ups is used, please help me to understand
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Offline UPS are systems where the load is fed directly from the raw mains during normal operations, rather than the inverter outputs, to the extent that power storage components such as chargers, inverters and batteries are offline as the load is concerned. The charger and battery remain connected to the mains to ensure the battery is always fully charged, ensuring the power is continuous and is not interrupted. If the mains fail or fluctuate, it directly switches to the inverters output.The efficiency of an offline UPS is high since the charger is not continuously on. Offline UPS are not very expensive to install or buy.
Online UPS is slightly different than offline UPS. Instead of the load connecting directly to the mains, the online UPS systems draw their power through power conditioning and charging components during normal operations. The power received here is conditional power rather than the raw mains. These types of UPS’s are called “double conversion” because the incoming power is converted to Direct Current for the battery, and is then converted back to alternative current before reaching the load. This process makes sure the mains are well insulated.
  • The main supply and load are isolated.
  • The quality of the load voltage is free from distortion since the inverter is always on.
  • The voltage is better regulated.
  • There is no disturbance in the current when the mains fail, as the transfer time is practically zero, since the inverter is always on.
People with highly critical loads will choose online UPS systems because it is able to protect sensitive equipment and data from the mains problems at all times.

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