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I have a 3 column table in Word that I'd like to copy into Excel. When I past it in Excel, it doesn't keep all of the rows together like it is in Word. Columns 1 and 3 are split between rows and the middle column is a merged cell so it's basically splitting columns 1 and 3 into 2 rows. Is there a way I can paste this in to keep the column and row formatting? This is in Office 2016.

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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering Consultant
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It would be helpful if you could post the Word example, normally for simple tables they should copy correctly, so there is probably something interesting in the Word table.



Sorry, here you go.
your table is a little messy.

you have one action Change the required password length from 8 to 12 characters. in a single row

you have two actions Change the account lockout duration from 30 minutes to 0, requiring an administrator to unlock the account. and Change the number of failed attempts from 2 to 3. in the following row

you will get better results if you keep one action per row


Thanks. Maybe it's just easier to cleanup the table in Word instead of changing it after pasting it to Excel.
if you create the table in excel first, you get better results when you copy to word

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