Recommend iPhone MP3 player that can rewind by 15 second intervals

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I have a collection of audiobooks on MP3. I would be interested if anybody knew about good MP3 app that has the feature to be able to rewind the last 15 or 30 seconds of the audio track instead of rewinding all the  way to the beginning of the audio track.


There are just so many apps out there. I have tried a few different ones. But if anybody can help out with something that you’ve heard about that works well for that, that would be excellent. Thanks
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You can fast forward and rewind tracks by 30 seconds in the iOS Music App if "remember playback position' is ticked (iOS 10.3?)
If you tick "remember playback position" for a track in iTunes, the Music App will replace the "previous/next track" buttons with "rewind 30s" and "fast forward 30s". I think this might be a new thing in iOS 10.3?

Right click a song in iTunes

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Tick "remember playback position"

Sync, and enjoy being able to fast forward and rewind long form content if you're like me and dislike using the podcasts app for your podcasts!

or Else try Audipo from appstore



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