Problems with email signature on different clients.

Tiborg Guarana
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How to make signature that will look the same on different email-clients? We use outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 and mozzila thunderbird. I have tested with thunderbird and Outlook 2016 and have big problems, from display of color to different looking text.   What I found is when I send a colored line (orange) the other email client changes it to gray + when mail is sent from thunderbird formating is gone.. So how to proceed here? I made signature in word 2016 then copy it to outlook and  for thunderbird I tried to open it as .htm file or copy paste the signature from outlook and then inside new mail use save, file and then as html and then choose it as signature.

So any options what should I use do?  I even tryed to use signature as picture but is not a preferable way.

My final goal is to have a signature that will work with all email clients and will be easilly editable for every employee.

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Hi Tiborg,
Copying the signature from MS Word or any other "modern" word processor is not likely to give you good results - the amount of additional formatting information copied along with the signature template can be tremendous. And different email clients interpret this additional data in different ways.
You have the best chance of having a consistent email signature design if you design it in HTML from scratch. When you do it, make sure you put all the styling info using the inline CSS (style="").
If you want to learn more about creating a good HTML email signature, I recommend referring to the article below:
How to create a good email signature in HTML
MichelangeloSystem Administrator / Postmaster
Note that heavily customized signatures may lead to your email being files as spam. Signature hijacking is used by spammersto inject spam links mainly in exchanged based web client

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