Why MediaCreationTool takes forever to download. any alternative?

Why MediaCreationTool1803.exe  takes forever to download the ISO into USB.  I am trying to download a copy of bootable windows 10 pro 64 bit.

It downloaded the files and when it was processing it, internet got disconnected and it give me error "something went wrong" and here i am in the first square again.

when MediaCreationTool got closed it also deleted the downloaded files without even giving me any warning. the flash disk got corrupted as well.

now when i launched it again, it is downloading again. I have the highest fiber internet speed which can download 40MB per second, but it takes more than 2 hours for the mediatool to download the win 10.

there has to be a easy way. i am so annoyed with this Mediacreationtool.

can anyone please help me?
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I use the Windows ISO Downloader.exe tool to download my ISO's and then use Rufus to put on usb

Cliff GaliherCommented:
A 40 mega*bit* connection (with TCP overhead, and usual ISP oversubscription) downloading a many giga*byte* file...2 hours is pretty typical.  I don't see a big problem with those numbers.  Even on our dedicated 100 megabit fiber, any 6 gigabyte sized downloads between our sites takes an hour or more.  Given the nature of public CDNs, I don't think you'll find a reliably faster source.  

The benefits of sticking with the media creation tool is that it checks the download so you know it wasn't tampered with from the source or in transit, and it won't bring your network to a crawl do to saturation.  Furthermore,  tt downloads *then* creates the USB; it does not do both simultaneously, so if it failed due to an internet interruption, the USB portion of the process had not started yet.  Conversely, once it starts writing the USB, it no longer relies on internet.

Something else is amiss given your description. The .exe is a *small* download and is not the entire media download.  That happens during runtime.  Given the description of your problem I don't think that process was well understood.  The only option better than the media creation tool would be direct VL media access (which if you were a volume license purchaser, you'd have access to) but those usually would not be deployed via USB either...so that's the cost/benefit analysis you have to do.  If you don't do VL, the media creation tool is the best balance of speed and security I've seen...keeping in mind that 3rd-party sources are not necessarily reliable and trustworthy. Given the current state of malware, I cant think of a good reason to "trust" another source.
Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cliff.

I tried again and again.  now the media tool is giving me the attached error.

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Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the Windows ISO Downloader.exe tool   but my antivirus does not allow it to be opened, it states that publisher is unknown
Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:
If i download the Iso from microsoft. is there a free portable tool to create a bootable usb?  I want to contact microsoft to send me the iso link.
disable real-time monitoring on the Anti-virus. potentially that it on access to the file halts the download ......... while it tries to scan the archive/data.

Are you trying to download directly onto a USB?

There are several tools opensource that create a bootable USB.
The ISO if not mistaken may include such a tool as well.
Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:
thanks arnold

can  Rufus  portable create a bootable usb disk?
Divide 4 GB by 40 MBit/s. 2 hours typically? Sorry, no. That would be rather 15 minutes typically.
You could try https://tb.rg-adguard.net/public.php which ultimately uses microsoft's own download servers for a test.

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Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:

what a wonderful site .  downloading , it is almost finishing in few more minutes.
so now how do i make this the 4GB file into the flash (Bootable)?
If you want to upgrade just that machine where you are dowloading on, double click the ISO ->it gets mounted as a drive in explorer and on it, you can start setup right away to upgrade.

If it's for another computer, use Rufus or this MS tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool to create a bootable usb with it.
Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:
many thanks to all of you!
Cliff GaliherCommented:
To be fair, I did mention TCP overhead (yes, that's real) and ISP oversubscription, and of course Windows own use of BITS (which the media creation tool uses last I checked) ...you aren't ever going to get the full 40.  That's a theoretical. I still stand by the advice to use the media creation tool if you can.   If you can get a genuine ISO from MS then use, there are good ISO to bootable USB tools (rufus or the USB-DVD tool McKnife linked to), but I haven't seen MS giving out links to non-trial non-VL media.   That's what the media creation tool is meant to address. Which means using rufus or another tool requires getting an ISO by other means, and then we are back to the reliability of the non-MS source.

Would I trust an ISO from Dell for a specific OEM model?  Yes.  Would I trust an ISO from a forum that just offers various ISOs of windows and office and such?  Nope.  I don't know who modified that ISO or why, and there is no reliable way to validate that it wasn't tampered with.  Just too sketchy.
Making a device/storage bootable simply requires two things, active prinary partition and a ..
Rufus is in itself a bootable, the point you need a Windows compliant,  have not looked recently, but after making the USB partition, fat32 active, copying all data from ISO, should ........
"Would I trust an ISO from a forum that just offers various ISOs of windows and office and such? Nope" - Nor would I. The site I linked, as said, uses Microsoft's own download servers.
Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:
Many thanks Cliff, arnold and McKnife.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
""Would I trust an ISO from a forum that just offers various ISOs of windows and office and such? Nope" -"

Just to clear things up, that tool uses official Microsoft download links.
Skylar-BarlowAuthor Commented:
Thanks Don.
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