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I currently have a Watchguard Firebox in place and have recently purchased a Cisco Catalyst 2960 to server as our primary switch. Our Watchguard currently manages our WAP's (also Watchguard) which have a private and public wifi network which is segmented through the use of VLAN's.

I'm extremely new to Cisco and I'm trying to determine how I would go about configuring the ports on the switch to pass along all VLAN traffic which should allow the WAP's to continue functioning.
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interface Gi1/0/1
  ! configure description if you want/need
  description WAP_C140458756
  !  encapsulation command may not be accepted (depending on model)
  switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
  switchport mode trunk
 ! next one is default
  switchport trunk allowed vlan all

to configure range of ports (here ports Gi1/0/1 Gi1/0/2 and Gi1/0/4 (and allowing just specific VLANs on those ports:
interface range Gi1/0/1-2 , Gi1/0/4
  desc WAP_
  switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,4,50-70

To add VLAN to allowed list:
interface Gi1/0/1
  switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10

Command switchport trunk allowed vlan 10 would remove all other VLANs from trunk

switch will pass only VLANs that are configured on switch (So you need to configure all needed VLANs on switch):
vlan 10
 name CustomerA
vlan 20
 name CustomerB

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This answered my question exactly.
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You're welcome.

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