HomePods play from unknown music source...

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2 recently installed HomePods continue to play music (from separate sources) when all computers, iDevices have been shutdown, or so I believe. All devices on LAN are Apple  - Macs/iPhone/iPad. Music seems to be from my local Apple sources - which may be iTunes? Power cycling HomePods no help. Both HomePods controlled from local iPhone 8S/iOS 11.4.

Ah sweet mysteries - whence forth cometh the music?
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here are the sources:
Apple Music1, iTunes music purchases, iCloud Music Library with an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, Beats 1 live radio, Beats 1 live episodes on demand, Apple Podcasts, AirPlay other content to HomePod from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac

You can always tell siri to stop playing
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I would say Apple Music - do you have a firewall or router that you can check for connections that are made by your devices at home?
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Thanks for your input, I am 90% sure I understand how HomePod works.

Today. several miles from my personal local network and not connected to any other network (just phone network) , with my iPhone 8S I changed one HomePod from Pause to Play - it worked! When to home, my selection was playing. That's the 10%...

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