Trying to generate a CSR from an Aruba 650 Controller

I am trying to generate a CSR from the CLI of an Aruba 650 controller. However, when I issue the command
crypto pki csr rsa 2048  (etc)

I get and invalid input marker at the beginning of the email value like this:
unit email
Why? How do I fix it?
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Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
after unit your need to put some string and then email:

1. Enter the following command:

crypto pki csr key {1024|2048|4096}
common-name <value> country <country> state_or_province <state> city <city> organization <org> unit <string> email <email>
2. Display the CSR output by entering the following command:

show crypto pki
3. Copy the CSR output between the BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST and END
CERTIFICATE REQUEST lines, paste it into an email, and send it to the CA of
your choice.
Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
also try GUI option as well:

CSR can be generated only on ArubaOS 3.x.x.x and later. However for ArubaOS 2.5.x.x, you can use tools like OpenSSL to generate the CSR and private key on behalf of the controller. You can also use VeriSign to generate a server certificate without CSR.


Using the WebUI to generate a CSR (ArubaOS 3.x):


1. Navigate to Configuration > Management > Certificates > CSR.
2. Click Generate New.
3. Enter the information requested, such as country and key length.
4. Click View Current to display the generated CSR.
5. Select and copy the CSR output between the BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST and END CERTIFICATE REQUEST lines, paste it into an email, and send it to the CA of your choice.

Using the WebUI to import certificates (ArubaOS 2.x):

1. Navigate to Maintenance > Captive Portal > Upload Certificate.
2. Click Browse to navigate to the appropriate file on your computer.
3. If the certificate is encrypted, enter the passphrase.
4. Click Upload to install the certificate in the controller.
PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
Found a way around this issue. I reinstalled the OS via the CLI. The problem of access to the webui, which was why I was wanting to generate a new certificate, went away. It probably was all caused by a corrupt OS,.

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PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
see last comment.
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