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Audio dictation that can be typed using a foot pedal ?

feck1 asked
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Last Modified: 2018-06-29
Customer asks ...

. Do you by any chance know any digital dictation software that My customer can use from his iPhone  which he will then send to me to transcribe using a foot pedal? Thanks in advance.

I don need software that will turn voice to text

The person is a legal secretary and wants to keep the work not have some software do her out if a job

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As far as I understand, the built-in voice recording apps on an iPhone save the recorded audio files as *.M4A.

This format is unlikely to be supported by most (if not all) transcription machines like this:

There are plenty of easy to use applications for Windows, mac, and Linux to convert one audio format to another, but that is an extra step that you probably don't really want to ask the the person making the recording to do before transferring the audio file to you, and it's probably something you don't want to be having to do at your end either.

On that basis the person recording the content to their iPhone would have to install an app from iTunes App Store that produces an audio format like MP3 that would be recognised by the device to be used for transcription by your audio typist.  I am not an iPhone, Mac or iTunes user, so I have never looked for voce recording apps on iTunes App Store.  Perhaps other experts here might be able to recommend an app.

As far as recording and transcription machines are concerned, I have always had good experiences with Olympus products, but there are many other good brands like Philips around if you search the Internet for "digital transcription machine with foot pedal".  If your typist is using computer software to play back audio files and transcribe the content, then you can buy separate USB foot pedals that you might be able to program the buttons to act as play, pause, and reverse without affecting the software being used to type the dialog into.

Example software:
http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/kb/656.html (supports playback of *.m4a)

If you know of anybody who plays and records music, particularly the electric guitar, there are devices available that allow musicians to play back an audio file and pause, reverse, and slow the music down without changing the pitch so that they can learn or transcibe the musical parts into music tablature or score.  Something like that could be used by an audio typist as long as it recognised the audio file format it was being asked to play.

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