Cryakl Fairytail Version

I´m trying to use programm by James-Gourley to decrypt a version of Cryakl  . Some files are decrypted correctly, and other files are not decrypted with  "encryption signature mismatch" message. Help me please. Sample files   More examples of unencrypted files
Artem AAsked:
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I would recommend you contact him directly (sounds like a matter of needing the keys). Here is his EE article discussing the tool you're using:

You can also try the tool Kaspersky has made available. Here's the link at The No More Ransom Project (called Rakhni Decryptor, just look under Cryakl Ransom):
Direct download of the Kaspersky tool:
Artem AAuthor Commented:
Kaspersky doesn`t  support version of Cryakl. I wrote a PM to James-Gurley, waiting for an answer.
That's what I had a feeling would be the case. Best of luck with that.
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