How to license Windows 7 when spun up from VMware templates as needed

We have a large VMware, Horizon VM pool with thin clients servicing our end users.   It is a mix of chromebooks, real laptops and thin clients all hitting a dedicated VM per user.  

We have a renewal notice from Microsoft on Client Access licenses and some documentation saying this is a cheaper way to validate VM version of Windows that spin out as cloned VM templates in lieu of buying full seats of Windows 7 Pro.   The CA we were quoted were $99 per device.

Are we possibly already covered under some other form of Microsoft license or is this the cheapest and most direct way to cover this thinking about an Audit and Ethics ?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I'm not sure what kind of licensing you have, however, it sounds like you're using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  If that's the case, the only Windows licenses permitted to be used with VDI is Windows Enterprise licenses with Software Assurance OR a Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) license that includes Windows Enterprise.  While it's possibly you've got the correct license and downgraded, it would seem unlikely and a bit silly... Enterprise gives you everything pro does and more.
bhamguy3131Author Commented:
Good answer.   Sticking with VDA licenses and honoring up on our count .
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