AD Connect using .local on-premises domain

Azure AD Connect for hash password sync.  Have a client with a .local on prem Active Directory domain.  The Azure AD Connect wizard is showing their .com domain (for their website and email) is published and verified but the .local is not verified.  I have read tons of documentation, added the .com domain suffix to the on prem AD and changed the UPN of all users to use the verified domain.

Now as i go back to the wizard it still shows the .local as not verified (which i expect) but says the users will not be able to login to Azure services using SSO because not all the domains are verified.  I am stuck.  Will my users with the verified domain UPN still sync and work correctly but anything using the .local domain will not?  Or will they all flat out fail?  I am having difficulty finding specifics about this with Microsoft documentation.  Thanks!
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Users with a verified UPN that are synced will be able to log into cloud services and take advantage of SSO.  In the Azure AD portal is a download for the "IDFix" tool that can check all of your users and let you quickly fix errors as well.  There are plenty of old SBS (which defaulted to .local) installs out there that use Office 365 and AADConnect successfully, just as an example of the wide deployment of .local and successful syncing.

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aungelbachAuthor Commented:
Ah I see, so as long as I change the UPN of the users that will be actually using the SSO I can ignore the other accounts such as service accounts and administrator etc.  We are only sync'ing users that have Exchange mailboxes at Azure currently so that is my focus.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
.local is not a routable internet domain so it will not sync, and if the user's UPN uses the .local, then they will not be able to sync via ADConnect. You will need to add additional UPN suffixes to you domain and then change the user's UPN to that new domain. see the below link for assistance.
aungelbachAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tim that is what i did.  I used their verified .com domain, added it to AD then changed the UPN for those users to utilize the .com suffix for their UPN.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
The wizard will still see .local because that is your domain, but the user's will be logging in via the new UPN and it should be fine.
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