Issue: Fail to send mail from Mobiles Devices office365-outlook-ADFS

In the organization there is an internal ADFS and an external ADFS Proxy.
Being connected through the Wi-Fi in the internal network, from the mobile devices using an office365 account and the Outlook application can not send the mails.
If I use a notebook or PC if I can do it but from mobile devices, no.
If I connect from the mobile via 4G or from an external network if it works.
The difference is that when I'm on the internal network the requests go to the internal ADFS and when I'm out of the network the requests go to the external ADFS Proxy.
Can there be any restrictions in the internal ADFS that blocks active sync communication from cell phones?
We validate the permissions in the network, routing and only see traffic to port 443 to different external IP addresses of lync, office and outlook.
Alvaro QuispeAsked:
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