Outlook Rule with Specific Words in Body not working

hi there,

We have some rules set up in our Outlook shared mailbox (through the Manage Rules & Alerts option).
For some reason, the rules created with "with specific words in the body" (or subject, anything that searches the body) does not work.
If I just left it as "specific rules in the subject" and say, have "Apples", "Bananas", "Oranges", it works.
But if I add "Type: Fruit" or "Type: Vegetable" in the "with specific words in the body" it does not work (it doesn't forward the message.
I've been trying to search google for this, but can't really find an answer.

Can anyone help or give me some insight? We're trying to reduce the number of rules in the mailbox and I thought I could just create one rule with multiple subject lines and then some key words so it can forward it to the right people.

Thanks in advance.
Jen TAsked:
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