What are our IMAP and SMTP servers in an environment with email gateway appliance?

Hi Experts,

We use two internal on-premises Exchange servers -- 2007 and 2010 with Outlook clients. All incoming and outgoing emails go via a SpamTitan email gateway appliance, which is public-facing. Now we are trying to connect our Marketing users' Outlook inbox to HubSpot.com CRM and need to provide the info of our IMAP and SMTP servers. Can you tell me in our above settings what our Incoming IMAP Server and Outgoing SMTP Server should be? And where to find their port#?

Thanks for the help.
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could you please explain more in detail... ??
Exchange IMAP is not enable by default. Your smtp server is your exchange server. but you need to again check with your exchange administrator to confirm the SMTP thing
CastlewoodAuthor Commented:
I enabled IMAP already.
I think my main question is, in order to allow our Hubspot.com accounts to access our mailboxes in our internal Exchange servers, both SMTP and IMAP server have to be public-facing. But in our environment, our Exchange servers are internal -- not public-facing. Only the Spamtitan email gateway is the public-facing. Under this environment, what my SMTP and IMAP servers should be ?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
then it would be the spamtitan settings
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Sam HaqueTier 3 engineerCommented:
Since you are using SPAM titan as email gateway, you will need to check the settings in SPAM titan for IMAP and SMTP gateway.

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Sam HaqueTier 3 engineerCommented:
Also, you will need to update your spf record as well.
Sam HaqueTier 3 engineerCommented:
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