Can I get away with minor adjustment of trademarked names for my blog?

I had a similar question answered, but before I waste money on a USPTO trademark infringement search,
I have one question,
If I have a blog and I call it something like Indiana Joans, it's not identical, but
Will ILM / Lucas / Disney throw bombs at me?

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Highly unlikely that they'd "throw bombs" at you but their lawyers may contact you if you become popular.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
If I became popular, would they just tell me to change it?
No clue.  You are asking the wrong questions.  Only "ILM / Lucas / Disney" know what they will do under these circumstances.  If you want to know what they have legal authority to do, you really need to get advice from a lawyer.  If you want to know what has happened, do a Google search for "trademark infringement examples" and you can read about some examples of what has actually occurred.
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beavoidAuthor Commented:
I found this article about a family biz that acquired two costumes that blatantly resembled Tigger and Eyore. Disney sued for $1 million after ignoring a cease and desist letter. MY PAGE HAS NO ADS AND SEEKS NO PROFIT


What do you this implies for my situation? No change? Bombs?

beavoidAuthor Commented:
What if I do it as a cartoon instead (Macromedia Flash pitiful quality)
and I change the names, but the cartoon characters look artistic/similar, but aren't Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley?
I dont intent to publish this in any way to seek money.
The people in the children's room with Eyore were in  a place of business.

What if I don't care about the blog and instead, to make a vid?

I don't think that the format (blog, vid, cartoon, etc.) really matters.  It would likely be all about whether or not the original trademark holder decides to make your life difficult.  Even if they are not on solid legal grounds, it could be a lot of trouble and expense for you.  Lawyers are much less expensive for them than for you.

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