Need Help with Using the Goldwave audio editing program

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Highly specialized: is anyone familiar with the audio program GOLDWAVE?

It's a powerful audio processing program, but I am having trouble understanding some of the instructions on applying the effects across many multiple files.

If you know anything about the program, please let me hear from you!
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Hi RadioGeorge, I have never used Goldwave however having used many different audio editors I find they have similar traits.
Goldwave is similar to Audacity  free open source also similar to my Wave Editor with Cyberlink Powerdirector.
 So maybe I can help you achieve what you need.
You say you are trying to apply effects to several audio pieces?
It's customary to add several audio files below each other so that they are combined into one.
To add an effect to each  individually that is the same will only amplify the volume on that section, the way I would add an effect is to select the line and then mark the spot ( highlight that portion )then  insert the effect. be ie fade out or or other effects.
You could save your mixed audio section first  then reload it and then add in the effects?
Youtube users have graciously shared with the public many posts for various audio editing tools.  I use these lot.
I also use several different  tools for different purposes.
This may help you even more
GoldWave Video how to and guides.


Merete! I was wondering if you were still around! Thanks for replying to my question, which provoked me to say "Well, duh!" to MYSELF. Checking on YouTube is something that should have occurred to me immediately. Too many projects going on at once for only one brain, I guess.

Specifically, what I'm trying to do is :

(1) Use Goldwave's Batch Processing option to set all mp3 files to the same volume level

(2) Trim silence off the start of the same mp3s.

I've been told by the help department at Goldwave (who I have written to as well, again) that I can add the trim silence function to the SAME "command" function as setting the volume level to it's the same on all the iles, which seems amazing to me.

FYI, it is a free download and does SOME of many functions (I think including these) up to a point, at which time you have to pop for the paid version, which I did a year or so ago.
Hello George yes I'm still around, not as often :)
George this will help you, sorry I'm not that familiar with the cmd line  I do know of it.
You say you wrote to them? Probably the wrong crowd they only help with buying.. I find the best place is to use the forums with Cyberlink or in your case Goldwave, join them.
Re: Command line batch processing with a second file



I must have been just overworked. All your suggestions should have been obvious. Thanks to your suggestions, I looked around and wound up contacting an audio expert who spent a couple of hours explaining how to do it. It WAS complicated even though  the concept sounded quite simple.

Thanks--see you around!
Thankyou George, glad to have helped you a little bit, sometimes we just need a pointer.
Technology in multimedia editing has advanced and at the same time has become quite complex.
Trying to learn how to use the tools is the first hurdle.
All the best


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