iMac late 2012 - i5. Is it worth adding 8 gigs ram ?  Has 8 now so will be 16 total

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It has 8 gigs - 2x4

To get to 16 I’ve to loose the 2x4

Total cost is around 200 euro

Is it worth this ?

What’s the % speed gain ?

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There will be no real substantial speed gain just the ability to run more applications at the same time and less swapping of memory.

To get a more obvious speed gain change the Hard Drive to an SSD unit .. but in that model the options are fairly limited


It's a bit of a slug st the moment so will prob go for it but pre warn customer that gain will be 20 - 30 %

Would that be realistic ?

They do non design work on it
yes, might be a small improvement so don't set expectations too high .. in terms of startup and loading apps it will be more noticeable when multiple apps are running in terms of a speed improvement ..
SSD will appear to nearly double the speed of the Mac, but it will still be quite slow.  It's a 6  year old system.  The user should just get a newer Mac.

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