big budget 2017 movie audio is bad

This movie was made by amazon and I am testing on
May be typical of all amazon movies.

90 minute drama movie from amazon movie studio 2017
wonder wheel
(which was in movie theaters)
audio and mouth movements are 1 second apart

I tried restarting and using different windows browsers.

Is it better to get dvd movies.
I dont watch many movies and cant compare.

Testing on asus laptop windows 10 on laptop screen. No additional displays.
No external speakers .  Using laptop speakers.

confusing because and also have a movie studio.
Maybe comment on netflix movie studio movies played on
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Andrew WrightIT CoordinatorCommented:
This sounds like a CODEC issue, install K-Lite codec pack and this should sort out any problems with your CODECs
You must be on Windows 10. Useless MS did a reverse with Multimedia on this OS.
Your not supposed to need to install any codecs with windows 10 but if you do please consider using only windows codecs.
With newer DVD the audio used is AC3 Filter. AC3 is a file extension for surround sound audio files.
The AC3 file format was created by Dolby Labs for use in a Dolby Digital audio on DVD, Blu-ray and other digital video formats. AC3 stands for Audio Coding 3.
You could try first to Make Windows Media Player default. and set file associations for the inbuilt windows media player this player also supported in Edge Browser.
If like many you dont want to use WMP.
Recommend install open source players such as VLC and have 2  include my preferred Media player classic be, this link will download it as a zip. give it a sec as it opens to a web page.
There is no spyware or add ons.
 I have used both VLC and MPC be since windows long ago., they will install the codecs automatically.

To see what it looks like. MPC is my default  and is very small footprint clickable screen to pause and start over VLC. I have both.
Windows 7 Codec Pack
What software are you using to play the movie ?
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rgb192Author Commented:
I tried on numerous windows 10 browsers

website is

does not let me download so I cant use vlc

do you think the problem is only my computer
It plays in a browser to prevent sharing, it sounds as if your computer might not be capable. What cpu and how much memory does it have ?
rgb192Author Commented:
that should have more than adequate performance to stream Amazon video.

do you have any sync issues when playing youtube ?
This is the movie
System requirements how dose your system rate?

Click on the bars top right of chrome then click on Help then about, if any updates needed  it will update
Google Chrome is up to date
Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Do you have Silverlite installed?
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rgb192Author Commented:
works now

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