Set up Office 365 shared mailbox within iPhone X

A user has been given full access to an Office 365 shared mailbox and also has full rights to send email from the Office 365 shared mailbox account.

What steps need to be followed to add this shared mailbox account to the user's iPhone X?

This user's primary Office 365 email account (which has full access to the Office 365 shared mailbox account) has already been set up within the iPhone X mail program on the iPhone X.
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timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
This is not possible. You can use OWA on the mobile device and view the shared mailbox that way if you choose. If its a normal shared mailbox the user AD object associated the shared will be disabled anyway, so you can't add it. Also the mobile device mail client doesn't function like an outlook client where you can see both mailboxes. If the shared mailbox AD object isn't disabled then you can add the mailbox to the mobile device like any other mailbox.
You can configure the Shared mailbox as as IMAP account in iPhone.

Use the shared mailbox name in the email and username and password as user who has full rights on the shared mailbox. I have attched a screen shot for your reference.

Also a MS article for IMAP configuration.

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Or you can give a password to the shared mailbox by the "reset password" in Active Users then Add that Shared mailbox in your iphone as a regular exchange user.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
@Repil makes are really good point. I always forget about IMAP and POP.
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