Windows 10 on 2011 Macbook: is audio fixable?

Hello, I've been trying to install Windows 10 on an early 2011 Macbook Pro. It's not officially supported, but I  read everywhere it can be done. There are some troubles though.

I have successfully installed it alongside MacOS High Sierra actually, and everything works except for audio.

I found out audio doesn't work because Uefi Windows 10 installation somehow keeps a Cirrus audio-related device from working.

So I tried to install Windows 10 in Legacy/Bios mode. I chose "Windows" instead of "Uefi Boot" at boot.

But just before the point where Windows usually asks which disk to install on, it actually asks for a missing driver. I tried feeding it Intel xHCI drivers with usb keys, it sees the keys but says it doesn't find any driver.

So I was wondering, is this behaviour due to the fact the disk is partitioned in Uefi mode? So is it impossible to install Windows 10 in Bios mode in such a setup, or am I instead missing something?

Thanks for your help.
Daniele BrunengoIT Consultant, Web DesignerAsked:
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Daniele BrunengoIT Consultant, Web DesignerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've tried all the usual stuff. The drivers are all good, device manager says the device did not start correctly.
It's tied to UEFI as I wrote above.

So the only way to correct this would be to install in BIOS mode, but I don't think I can with High Sierra installed on the same disk.

The real point of the question is: can I install Windows 10 in BIOS mode together with High Sierra?
Daniele BrunengoIT Consultant, Web DesignerAuthor Commented:
I did it like this: I let Bootcamp start installing Windows 8.1.

Then on the first reboot I booted from a setup DVD and installed Windows 10 over that, using BIOS mode. After I did all this, installing Boot Camp software gave me a fully working Windows 10, with audio too.

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Daniele BrunengoIT Consultant, Web DesignerAuthor Commented:
I found a solution, hope it can be useful for others in the same situation.
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