How can I deep search the web for difficult terms?

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I work as a translator, and sometimes a project contains a lot of difficult terms so I have to lookup each and every term in the documents. But when even Google searches don't render any results or only a few pages, it's really difficult to find a translation for such terms. Almost always in these cases, it's a technical handbok for some kind of machinery. Today I translate several handbooks for crushers, feeders and screens (cone crusher, jaw crusher, huck bolted inclined screen, scalping screen and a vibrating grizzly feeder).

So I was thinking of this solution, if it's viable:

I have a list of these difficult terms that don't give any search results on my national (advanced search settings: display results in my language Swedish) and can't find anything in my technical electronic dictionaries either. The best now would be if I could find other documents (pdfs, word documents etc.) and also websites in a selection of languages (I am proficient in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian and Danish) for these terms in this list by doing a deep web search.

Also, if I could find exhaustive definition context for these terms on English websites and in documents in English. The best is of course a comprehensive technical dictionary, but the one I found, McGraw-Hill Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, seems to be out of stock everywhere.

But perhaps the most effective way would be to search for the hyperonym of all these terms in my term list. For example, the hyperonym might be "grizzly feeder" or just "grizzly" in combination with a few other terms (otherwise I might get grizzly bear in the search results, which is not a technical term).

The basic problem is that for some technical handbooks with a lot of very specialized terms I get almost no search results on Google and get no hits in my own bilingual technical dictionaries either. In this situation, how can I get further by, for example, searching the deep web for much more documents (either monolingual in a selection of languages, such as German, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian and Danish OR bilingual in English or German, or Spanish etc. plus Swedish) and websites?

Some examples of terms I get almost no hits on Google (or get no relevant hits or with definitions or with corresponding Swedish translated term):

pivoted motor base
tensioner system
driven sheave

Even when I find translations in my own technical dictionaries, sometimes there are a lot of alternative translations to choose from (different denotations). So I still need to lookup
these terms on internet by searching for context (like I often find in other technical handbooks or websites or forums on internet).

This site would have been of help if I had received search results in Swedish also:

One strategy that works sometimes is to search national Google ( with search results in Swedish using both the English source term and my guess as to what the translation is, e.g.:

"center axis" "mittaxel"

Here I got a hit for a bilingual document where I could get confirmed that my guess was correct.

Another example that demonstrates this difficulty is composed words like composition gasket. Often these composed words are difficult to find a translation of and I have to search several times using the basic denotation for each single word as starting point and guess what the composed meaning might be.

Ideal would be this:

I search English Google ( and switch to display images, then somehow (if possible) try to match similar-looking images with web pages and documents only in Swedish (or in English and Swedish, or in German, or in English and German etc.). Is this possible?

I get an option also to search for visually similar images when searching English Google for any image of, for instance, Steel Lock Wire. It would be very useful if I could deep search the web for images and then visually similar images as well, in any language.
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For translations check out Google Translate

It gave me these...

svängbar motorbas
driven skiva

As for definitions try some  other search engines like Bing or Duck Duck Go
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