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I'm trying to figure out to 'add' a secondary email address (bulk using .csv file) to users (exchange 2010) and leave the current as is (untouched and not by touching x400 and primary email address). Is this correct?

Import-CSV C:\temp\data.csv |
Foreach {Set-Mailbox -Identity $_.DistinguishedName -EmailAddress @{add=$_.AliasEmail}}

***where the CSV has:
Column A = DistinguishedName
Column B = AliasEmail
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That should work, yes. The parameter name is -EmailAddresses, not -EmailAddress though.


@Vasil - Awesome thank you. And thank you for the typo correction. Yes you are right -EmailAddresses :)

Thanks again!
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Export current users primary smtp adress

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | select Displayname,alias, PrimarySMTPAddress |export-csv c:\temp\data.csv -nti

Open in new window

 Now edit the csv and add another header as secondary and under it add all secondary email address

Now import back using Powershell

import-Csv c:\temp\data.csv| Foreach-Object{
   $user = Get-Mailbox -Identity $_.PrimarySMTPAddress
   #add secondary
   #now set seconday as primary
   Set-Mailbox $user -PrimarySmtpAddress $_.secondary

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