Macbook reading 4TB NTFS USB HDD with mp4 files in them

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I have a 4TB WD USB HDD (formatted in NTFS into 2 partitions) with many mp4 videos in them:
how can I watch them on my Macbook Pro OSX (think it's Mountain Lion) :
appreciate step by step instructions on how to install/use a freeware to read
NTFS USB HDD and play the MP4 videos (some of the MP4 files are as big as
55GB per file)
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Well, MacOSX does support reading from NTFS formatted drives by default. Just connect the drive, it must automount and then appear on the desktop.
Open it and watch your videos in QuickTime. Or install third party video tool such as VLC and watch with it:
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If you want to have a possibility to write the data to this drive from MacOSX then get a copy of NTFS for MacOSX driver from here:
Once you install it you will be able to work with this HDD same way you do with HFS+ formatted drives.

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