Can't find Google Drive to download

Got a new computer and can't find a way to download Google Drive to my Windows X.  Has something else taken it's place?  If I can find the download program on my old computer to install it should I do that?  Kind of lost without the ability to drop docs into the Google Drive Folder that was on my old computer and have them show up on the Drive and was able to view them on any other device.  Thank you
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Are you logged into your Google account and can see your drive contents at ?

Try Backup and Sync for Google
camtzAuthor Commented:
When I click on ?, it takes me directly to Google Drive on the internet which is good but what I'm trying to do, is duplicate what I have on my old computer which is a Google Drive icon ON MY COMPUTER.  When I click it, it opens up an Explorer window that I can insert documents, files, etc. or remove them.  That allows me to access these items any time (even if I'm not on the internet).

So I looked everywhere on Google for a download FOR THE DRIVE ITSELF but couldn't find it.  Do you know how I can download it?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Yep, the first link above is to test you can see the drive, the second link is the download you need to set it up locally on your PC.
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camtzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  Okay, I downloaded the second link which I had already downloaded before but I still don't see the Drive on my computer.  Please see pic 1 from the older computer.  As you can see, right under Quick Access, there is an icon for Google Drive.  When I click it it opens up a window as shown on Pic 1.  This is what I am trying to do.  Google Drive
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Gotcha!  You've got everything you need installed, you now need to merge the downloaded app into Explorer.

This will take you through it
camtzAuthor Commented:
I appreciate you digging into this but this is way above my pay scale.  I have never fooled with the registry or to do any thing close to it.  I guess I will have to figure something else out.  It sure was convenient to have the drive open up as an explorer window and put stuff in it or remove it.  I wonder why they did away with it?  Any other thoughts on how I can accomplish the same thing? Thanks a lot for your help.  Do you know if Dropbox or Microsoft one drive will let you work without internet?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Honestly it's far less scary than it looks!

Have you run Backup & Sync on your PC yet?  That will allow you to define the folders that your PC will treat as local but is actually on Google Drive.

Once your logged in there and setup the registry edit is just a nicety - if you download the zip file from the link above and unpack the three files you double-click on the one with the right bit version for your Windows 10 install.  You'll then get three messages, one asking you if it's OK to install.  One (scaryish) one warning you about the perils of messing with the registry, and one saying it all went OK.  

Then restart Windows and you should be pretty much where you were on your old PC, If your profile is still "C A" then you'll be able to see something that looks just like your screenshot :)

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camtzAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for your help.  I will think about it for a while because this being a new computer, I certainly don't want to screw it up.  I'm also going to look into the other two options I mentioned, i.e. Dropbox and One Drive.
Thanks again
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