SAP ERP on premise or cloud deployment best practice

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installing SAP ERP on-premise or on cloud recommended, if we go for on-premise what would be best way for business continuity  and recovery, is it recommended interbranch for DR and recovery or cloud please suggest the best recommended.
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Software & Systems Engineer
I think the answer is pretty straightforward...install SAP on the cloud it will make your ERP instantly globally accessible without any extra worries about maintaining your infrastructure and DR...on premises gives you just the "total" control...
I reckon that if your Internet connection can support it and you have testimonials that SAP works ok from Cloud...just go for it...eventually ...sometime sooner or later you will be forced to move to the sooner the better...


thank you very much for the reply, if we have to host it on Cloud can you please suggest the to which service provider would be best we are from india.
what all the security measures to be taken care.
in total 250 users will be accessing the application, what would be hardware sizing please
should we have to still plan for Business continuity and DR if we host it on cloud
please help me to understand the these.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

I am not aware of the current situation in India but i guess you can't go wrong with the 2 big guys (Amazon, Azure)...
Just make sure that your Internet connection is at least 100Mbps with low ping (below 10ms) and you should be good to go..
Personally i would rent a VPS on both services for a month and conduct tests before deciding..
As for DR there many options...a simple Google will reveal more than enough....measure your budget and decide...

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