Youtube on Mobile - Link Format to Force Opening of Link via Browser

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How can I format a youtube link in a web page so that, if it is clicked on mobile browser, it opens by browser instead of the youtube app?
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Under the video, click Share .
Click Embed.
From the box that appears, copy the HTML code. It can also be modified height width
Paste the code into your blog or website HTML.
If that is not suitable try this one saves me typing it
HTML YouTube Videos
You can have your video start playing automatically when a user visits that page by adding a simple parameter to your YouTube URL.
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Likely best to post a link to your URL, so someone can look at your HTML + suggest a fix.

As @Merete mentioned, if you're using the embed code provided by YouTube (with no modifications), I'd expect videos to open in the default browser, rather than an App.

You might also mention the device type + OS level having the problem.

Also mention the default browser in use.
This depends of the Youtube apps version and OS, but Yes now youtube link open in the Youtube apps directly or offer the choice using a popup to decide what to use.
Unfortunately we have no control on it.

Some settings can be done on the device by the user, but from on the code there is no solution.


Thank you! :)))))))))))))

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