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Mohammad Alsolaiman
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Hi Guys,

Could you please suggest me any best Cross platform mobile app development tool, i started learning Xamarin but heard its not that mature with cross platform.
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Hi Mohammad,

There are two types of cross platform development tools:

Hybrid cross platform development:
You will develop the app with HTML and javascript. The most famous hybrid platform is ionic.
- Development procedure is extremely fast.
- Since you are dealing with simple HTML and javascript the development is pretty easy for every developer.
- Perfect for simple Apps without complex logics such as a digital catalog.
- Complex tasks such as model driven architectures, data storage, CPU intensive tasks, cannot be developed on this platform.
- No threading, no direct hardware access, no complex animations/transitions

Native cross platform development:
The most famous and trending one is React Native provided by Facebook. You develop the app in a javascript-like language. The final output can have just the same output as a native app.
- Can have direct hardware access, supports threading and you are able to develop complex apps using this platform.
- Most parts of the code between platforms (like Android & iOS) are just shared and you develop only once.
- In some scenarios you have to separate the code for each platform.
- Takes a considerable amount of time to learn and master it.
- Still some limitations are reported.

However, your answer depends on what kind of app you want to develop?
Does it contains:
Complex client/server connectivity?
Custom UI components and animations?
Complex local data storage?
How much your app’s performance and smoothness is important?
What is the timeline for the project?
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmer


Thank you so much for generously sharing your knowledge and expertise.

I just want to learn building mobile application.
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmer


Thank you Mr. Hamidreza Vakilian.

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