Critical Error Starting Win2000 Server VM in Virtualbox

Mark Litin
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I'm new to VirtualBox and getting a critical error starting a Windows 2000 Server VM.   I would like to know what options I have to debug it as I really don't know where to start.

The VIM was created from a Windows 2000 Server system clone using Clonezilla followed by Sysinternals Disk2Vhd from the clone.  

The original server was The Clone and VHD occurred without error, so I assume it's something with how I set it up in Virtualbox. I've attached the logs by the last run.

The server was a RAID 5  with 3 GB of memory.    3 GB of memory was provided to the VM.

If I know where to start...

Thanks lots for your insights.
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If you are running on Windows 8,10 possibly 7, why not configure hyper-v and run the VM under it.

It seems it can not boot,

The OS boot device potentially is the issue, does the original still exist?

For a transition such as yours, not sure why disk2vhd was not used, the way the disk/partitions were ...

When attaching the vhd disk, which type of HD did you use, IDE, scsi?
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The issue is most likely because the virtual machine has not been convereted for virtual box hardware. Your VM still thinks it is booting from the RAID controller driver from the physical hardware.

You will need to inject the storage controller drivers for the VM hardware, and replace the physical hardware RAID driver, otherwise you will get a BSOD.

Part of a P2V process is a CLONE, which you have done, and creation of a VHD/VMDK, but it then needs converting to the hardware, the VM is supposed to run on!

You would have a much better chance of getting this running using VMware Converter, BUT the old version which supports Windows 2000.
Mark LitinOwner


Thanks for the comments, Andrew and Arnold.

Off to jobs now, but will pick up on these upon my return.


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