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What is the potential of Spotify for me?

I wrote a lot of music and am curious about the potential of spotify.

Do kids really listen to it as much as it seems?

Taylor Swift had an entanglement w them, but that was sorted out, concerning payment to artists.

Is this only for seemingly professionally managed artists? who can play gigs on a moment's notice?
Didn't some dude put a song he'd recorded at home on and it became huge? What happened to him?
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Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly what the potential is for you for using and adding your music on to Spotify.  It depends on your talents.  And more specifically the tastes of those that choose to listen or not.

If you are good in your own right or in a small or obscure genre, you may not receive a lot of support.  If you are in an active genre and your musical talents speak and reach out to those who like/love that specific genre, sure your potential of support could be great.

I know of many kids and even adults who use Spotify.  I feel it is a great market for music and the music industry.

Here's Spotify's guide for adding your own music.


Here is a good write up on getting your music out there using Spotify, but not just Spotify as there are many avenues to get your music out there and heard:

This is a good article on some people/bands who have made an impact on their careers using Spotify:

It is dated from December of 2016.  So a year and a half or so.  But I feel is still quite relevant.

We are in a day and age of streaming and instant gratification.  So this could potentially be your market.

Good luck!
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Hey Beavoid,

Anything else I can help with on this particular question?
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As a writer probably very little. More as an artist, even better if a known artist does a cover of your music.
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