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I've a table on AWS Redshift with couple of columns in JSON format.
So i'm using JSON_EXTRACT_PATH_TEXT Function to query the data in the JSON format cloumn.

For example ,

SELECT user,json_extract_path_text(payload,'code') as payload_code FROM activity_log.lx4_logs
where event_reference LIKE 'My Dashboard%'; .

So the output look like following with two coloumns

User       | Code
user1      | ["13877512003","13877642003","10078402003","13901222003","10118722003"]
user2     |["105700520150300750","106468920140600750","112279220150300750","104693120060101500","122805820150600750"]
user3    |NULL
user4    |["10112472015"]

Is there a possibility to get the output, into rows like below without any quotation, square brackets etc please ?

User       | Code
user1      |13877512003
user1      |13877642003
user1      |10078402003
user1      |13901222003
user1      |10118722003
user2     |105700520150300750
user2  |106468920140600750
user2   |112279220150300750
user2  |104693120060101500
user2  |122805820150600750
user3    |NULL
user4    |10112472015

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