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Veritas Backup Exec MMS and CAS server connected over WAN. MMS connecting to CAS sql Server database. Poor Perforamnce

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Last Modified: 2018-07-29

I use backup exec 16 to backup my local network.

I have a site-to-site VPN to MS Azure

in Azure I have a VM running the Veritas Backup Exec CAS Server

in local network I have a VM running the Veritas Backup Exec MMS Server

both the CAS and MMS have a local deduplication disk attached to them.

the MMS runs all backup jobs

each backup job runs to the Dedup disk on the MMS (local network) then DUPLICATES to the Dedup disk on the CAS (off site network in Azure).

what I did not understand until now was the performance issues this set up would cause.

the MMS uses the SQL Database on the CAS as its management database.

all queries it makes therefore go over the WAN

after days if not weeks of calls to Veritas off-shore support (which Is painful beyond words) confirmed this is by design.

this article describes the issue: https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.100034399

a potential solution I have thought of is it replicate the SQL database of the CAS to a SQL database in my local network - and for my MMS to connect to this local database.

I am sure this will not be a supported solution

has anyone had any similar experience?

many thanks

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To clarify first, deduplication via Veritas and SQL Server Database Replication aren't the same as Veritas Backup will backup at the file level including everything whereas SQL Server Replication can transfer or Replicate data only for those tables having primary keys. So, if a table doesn't have Primary keys it won't be replicated.
You would need to consider the below requirements for Transactional Replication..

Replication is a real time process happening for every record changes in Publisher / Source database.