Bluestack or any free player to read VCE dumps on Windows

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
Saw a youtube link (which I've now misplaced) that Bluestack software could
replace VCE exam dumps player:

I've installed it on my Windows but doesn't seem to find any option that could play it.
Anyone knows?  Or any other freeware player to play VCE dumps on Windows (not
for Android)?
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Kyle SantosSoftware Test Analyst I at Dassault Systemes


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I still need a free VCE player that runs on Win XP or Win 7 (not upload to website) nor in Android
Systems Analyst & Webmaster
My two cents: Exam dumps are considered cheating, so there's that. It leads into the problem is a lot of junk software out there advertised as free, then you install it and find out you need to pay $$ to unlock the full version. Since you're using it to open a filetype with shady associations, you get a lot of shady vendors. For that reason, you may want to just do some research and buy a legit one.



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