combine multiple tiff images to single tiff image from the DIR with imagemagic in CMD

Iam looking for a solution using imagemagic to combine multiple tiff files to to single tiff file in the DIR, which has sub folders.

Let me explain

There are multiple sub folders which contains tiff images, lets take in a particular folder there could be 2 or more images which needs to be combined as one image.
I tried the basic concept and it works

convert 0003_404.tif 0030.tif 1_merged.tif   ( Here i have changed the dir and run the comand which combines two tiff images to a single tiff

i was also trying to use the below , not sure how far good.

for %f in (%cd% D:\subfolders\) do (convert 0007.tif 0011_623.tif +append 1_merged.tif)
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CPHAuthor Commented:
I wish some one could assist on the question.

CPHAuthor Commented:
I was able to combine all the folders from DIR with, However lets say in a folder there are 1000 images
We are manually defining which images to be combined by renaming the first image like 1.001.tif
In the above example images from 1.001.tiff, 2.tiff, 3.tiff will be combined as single multipage image.
4.001.tiff and 5.tiff will be another multipage image.... and so on
Option required
1. The images needs to be combined as single image with the output in another folder.
2.The images needs to be combined as single image with output in another folder with option to define a name (Rename) for the output image.

Awaiting for a solution
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