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I had someone design the website and I needed to fix some issues, I don't much of wordpress design and I wanted to disable google maps from my website, I found where to disable it and I just noticed that my other pictures on all pages aren't loading and missing. How could I go back or check if some else made changes? and how to fix this issuenot loading picturesAs you can see on this picture there should be more pictures but aren't there.

Please advise
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How did you disable it? Code or interface?


Interface or GUI
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I don't think turning off google maps has anything to do with your images not showing up. You probably just noticed it at the same time.

Use the developer tools in the browser

Go to the network panel and select xhr from the top to filter the page the ajax request is being made. Click on the file and you will see another window with tabs for Header, Preview, Response and Timing.  Looking at the Preview or Response should show an error and it is probably "xxx not found".  You can also look at the Console tab and that will show any javascript errors.


You were right in which the removal of google map had nothing to do with the pictures not displaying correctly.
After upgrading some plug ins 2 issues I was having were fix. Go figure.


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