Authority error when attempting to INSERT into a VIEW

Matthew Roessner
Matthew Roessner used Ask the Experts™
One of our developers is attempting to do an "Insert" into a view.  They are connecting in via ODBC.

I gave the user profile *ALL authority to the View but I am getting the error:

Message: [SQL0551] Not authorized to object VSTOWERINT in DCTEST type *FILE. Cause . . . . . :   An operation was attempted on object VSTOWERINT in DCTEST type *FILE.  This operation cannot be performed without the required authority. Recovery  . . . :   Obtain the required authority from either the security officer, the object owner, or a user that is authorized to the QIBM_DB_SECADM function. If you are not authorized to a logical file, obtain the authority to the based-on files of the logical file. Try the operation again.   Processing ended because the highlighted statement did not complete successfully

I figured I needed to give the user access to the file that the view was based on...but I gave the user *ALL access to this file too and we are still getting the same error.

Does anyone have any insight into why we would be getting this error - even though we gave the user *ALL access?

Thanks in advance
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Russell FoxDatabase Developer
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Are you sure the view is updateable? You generally want to INSERT into a table, not a view.
VP Technology / Senior Consultant
You also need proper data authorities to physical in addition to object and data authorities to view.
Matthew RoessnerSenior Systems Programmer


It turns out that we had granted authorities to a SQL trigger associated with the view - but not the physical file itself. After granting authority to the right physical file - we are able to do our INSERT.  Definitely helps to double-check what the developers are telling us!

Thanks for your help

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