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i'm beginner to Node JS and javascript. Now everybody is saying to learn Node JS and javascript to develop a fastest, scalable and very good web application.

I thought of developing via Zk or Vaadin framework and experts says Node Js and javascript is far better than Zk or Vaadin

Could someone help with the thoughts and recommendation of which one to go and which one would be fast, reliable and scalable?

Like word press plugins, zk and vaadin components, Do we have a best java script framework which has huge components to integrate and create a beautiful and fastest responsive web app?

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ste5anSenior Developer

You're comparing appels and oranges..

JavaScript is a language. Node.js is a server-side environment to host server-side JavaScript applications. Zk is a kind of a (closed) web-application development and hosting environment to build applications which hides some of the web's complexity. Vaadin is a framework for Java, which is a completely different language the JavaScript, comes also with completely different eco-system.

- develop a fastest
  This depends more on the skills of all people involved into the projects (this includes customers)

- scalable
  This depends mostly on the architecture of what you implement, not the used technology.

- very good web application
  This depends on the UI/UX design and implementation.

Question are: What skills do you already have? What is your overall goal here?


Goal is i am planning to develop a very good responsive web application using a good framework or stable tools. I'm looking for which eco system to choose. I'am open to any thing. Could you please suggest which one would be the best for fastest, scalable and reliable responsive web app? assume you are planning to develop a responsive web application which will have

1. 500 tables
2. Millions of Records to handle
3. Export options such as xls, pdf etc
4. Back ground jobs
5. Logging mechanism

ste5anSenior Developer

hmm, I'm not sure how to say that..

You're only accumulating technologies in your listing. Which even don't really match your bullet points.

1.+2. Mostly any backend RDBMS can handle this. postgres, SQL Server, Oracle.
3. There are a lot of XSLT scripts out there showing how to do that in the backend. There are also a lot of companies offering components for this.
4. Any normal OS has this built-in.
5. Any normal RDBMS and OS can handle this right out of the box.

When coming back to your first post: scalability is often the biggest problem, when chosen the wrong architecture (sic, not technology). But here we need to now your goals (this means your requirements and concrete numbers, especially usage pattern) to give any advice.

Generally speaking: Go for a layered, service-oriented architecture. Let your services communicate (bus, queues, brokers, etc.)
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ok. i finally decided to go over with MEAN stack. Hope it will suit any need. Could you please clarify me the following?

MEAN url ?
MEAN Software download link?
Any specific tutorial to quickly understand and develop using MEAN ?
Any framework built using MEAN so that we can develop using the same?
ste5anSenior Developer

If it works for, you fine.

Just a comment: Mongo does not satisfy 1.+2. of your listing.


MEAN.JS or MEAN.IO which one is better?

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