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Ayman Amine
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I'm a complete beginner so I may have made some stupid mistakes. I made this script with x-ray to scrape user's phone number pictures from different website pages. The script was working very well until it reaches a page where the user didn't put his number in the page and the script stops.

How can I make it continue to the next page even if the phone number doesn't exist? and is there a way to make the script save the pictures directly to my computer instead of giving me the links?
 const Xray = require('x-ray');
const requesst = require('request');
const fs = require('fs');

const xray = Xray()

xray(',-caméscopes/annonce/6503723/Nikon-D40x-objectif-18-135mm.html', 'div.infoannonce', [{
	numero: '#phone_number img@src',
	nom: '.infoannonce dd',


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