Max extents (1000) reached in lob segment

hi ,

When i try to do an insert statement from Java to Oracle table i am getting below error
ORA-01693: max # extents (1000) reached in lob segment.

Is there any way i can overwrite my insert statement from Oracle side . So that it will not break the code .
I can't ALTER the table in near future . But i can remove the BLOB data in the table . If i create a trigger like before INSERT Update BLOB column to EMPTY String ,will these solve the issue ?  . The issue happening only in production .
Vinoy K PAsked:
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
1000 seems a little arbitrary and a little odd of a round number for anything computer-ish.  Seems hard-coded.

Can you increase max extents for the lob segment?

There are several examples on the web:
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If the examples in the link that slightwv suggested don't help you, your trigger idea may help you.  But you may also need to empty or delete the blob data for at least one or maybe a few existing records if you can't alter the table.

How about creating a new tablespace with larger extent sizes, then moving the LOB segments to that tablespace?  is that an option for you?
If you update all of the blobs to NULL (not empty) and create a trigger the NULLs the blob content then you shouldn't need any additional space in the table.

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Vinoy K PAuthor Commented:
Thanks It Worked Since i cannot use ALTER statement.
If we can use ALTER statement the Best Solution might be to increase the max extents of the lob segment.
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