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web applications vs. custom desktop software.  These are the two scenarios that I am posed with in designing an attendance/registration system for our organization.  Are there disadvantages to web application vs. a desktop software.  I imagine there is more power in the coding aspect of most programs compared to web application development.  I know its an abstract question, but I wanted to see what the experts have to say on this subject.   Is there really no difference?  The application I will need to design will register individuals, take their daily attendance, and then output statistics.  Also any ideas on how to best develop such a program may be appreciate.
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…   designing an attendance/registration system for our organization.

I see these things now all web based. I would not want to download software just to register for something. Counting attendance may be different.


What options are best for counting attendance?
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The reason people build Web apps is so simplify access.

If you build Desktop software, it will take massive extra time + will only work on the OS the App targets, like Linux or OSX or Windows.

If you ever change OS, you'll have to completely rewrite your APP.

The other massive problem you'll have with a Desktop is... if you'd like to sign up more than one person at a time... You'll have a devil of a time figuring out how to sync data off multiple computers with each other.

Just use something like WordPress + you'll have a system than handles any number of simultaneous registrations + also allows attendees to sign themselves up.

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