Access Split form sub datasheet transaction issue when deleting, copying records


I have a database which is used to keep track of industrial objects for a project. For each record (object) there are a connecting revision table (one to many) which is utilized to keep track of data changes for the object (revision handeling).

Data structure:
-Main Table
*Revision Table

The interface is a split form with a subdatasheet form for the revision handeling. I want the user to have the possibility to work in both views (form view and datasheet view).

Now to the issue, when deleting or copying records in the subdatasheet form I get the notification "This Operation is not supported within transactions" and the operation is not carried out (even if it looks like the records are deleted).
When directly in datasheet view for the main form this problem does not occur.

I have made a video of the issue
Johan LüningAsked:
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A split form is a specialized Access form that shows one record on the main form and multiple records on the datasheet subform, one of which is the main form record.  Is this actually what you have or are you just calling this form a  "split" form because it resembles one?   What you should have is a main form bound to the parent table (or query) with a subform in ds view bound to the child table (or query).
Johan LüningAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer.
It is an actual splitform, I want the user to be able to edit data in both views. The main form have a subform for revision handeling (user manually log data changes of value). So its is built as you describe.

Design viewForm view
I'm pretty sure that you are not going to be able to resolve this if you stick with the Access split form.  It works the way it wants to work and I think it is having trouble with the subsubform.  

You will probably need to build your own split form manually.  Create an unbound main form.  Add a ds view subform and a single view subform with the dsview subsubform.  You can then make it work like a split form - except you won't get the splitter feature with just a couple of lines of code.  Add a hidden field to the unbound form.  In the current event of the ds view form, copy the record ID to the hidden field and then requery the single view subform.  The RecordSource query of the single view subform should use the hidden textbox as criteria.

Select ...
From ...
Where MyID = Forms!mainform!txthiddenID;
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