PS script to check services via get-content not running

I have the short  script here that  prompt error when I run them.

 Get-Content "MYserverList.txt" | % {
Write-Host "Checking $($_) .."
Get-Service -ComputerName | ?{$_.Displayname -match "SQL*"} |%{$_.stop()}

However the s script below running fine without error.

Get-Service -ComputerName servername1,servername2,servername3 | ?{$_.Displayname -match "SQL*"}|%{$_.stop()}
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Main issue: you forgot to specify the loop variable $_ for the ComputerName argument.
Other issues: -match expects a regular expression; the RegEx "SQL*" matches anything starting with SQ, followed by any amount (including zero) of "L"; so "SQUARE" would match as well. Use -like for simple wildcards.
Or even better, don't use the Where-Object at all, since Get-Service support wildcards in the DisplayName. Easier on the resources, because the remote machines will only send back the matching services, instead of each and every one, most of which your script will then throw away.
Get-Content "MYserverList.txt" | ForEach-Object {
	Write-Host "Checking $($_) .."
	Get-Service -Displayname "SQL*" -ComputerName $_ | ForEach-Object {$_.Stop()}

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And you shouldn't use aliases (%, ?, dir, ...) in scripts. They're OK in an interactive command line, but in scripts, the full cmdlet name should be used - you never know if the script will run on a machine where an alias was redefined.

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