How can I get rid of mold? How can I keep it from coming back?

How can I get rid of roof mold? How can I keep it from coming back?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Re-roof, then spray the whole thing sparingly with powdered zinc once a year.  It'll raise hell with the grass, though.
Are you talking about mould inside your attic space or on the outer surface of the roof?

If you are talking about growth on the outer roof surface, what is your roof made from?  Concrete tiles, natural roofing slates, sand-coated bitumen shingles, corrugated metal, corrugated plastic?

Can the roof surface be painted?

I would tend to think of mould forming inside an attic on the underside of the roofing surface, and moss growing on the outer roof surface. Which is is?

Solutions containing copper are good for killing moss.  Some paints that say they contain "fungicide" actually contain copper or zinc solutions.
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