Any catchy phrases for water bottle labels.

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refresh tropical mango
squeezed zero lemonade
rise zero orange.
focus kiwi strawberry
Some catchy phrase needs to be in addition to those.
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Drink Me
The amount of space on the bottle label is about 5 lines.
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   ¦Smooth and chalky ¦
   ¦                                   ¦
   ¦    London tap          ¦
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"Like Fresh Fruit - Only Wetter"
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exploding flavour?
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in addition to those.

  • Refresh Tropical Mango - Drink a Mango!
  • Squeezed Zero Lemonade - Down it in zero seconds!
  • Rise Zero Orange - Not pulp fiction!
  • Focus Kiwi Strawberry - Tickles your throat!

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what about  :  it keeps you alive and kicking?
There's no real answer until the judges pick the winners. 40 out of several thousands.

Here was mine and rather non catchy:
Mango; A remarkably delicious beverage bursting with mango flavor and matched by no other.

I'll post the winners slogans as they happen. They choose some every week until September 2, 2018.
I'll see which ones win on the 15th (today) and post them back to give an idea of the type phrases they are choosing as winners.
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Mango behind tree and fill this bottle for you.

I didn't realise it was for a competition entry, those have to be short and pithy (like leftover bits of orange peel).
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So really we're sub-contracted for writing advertising slogans for the Coca-Cola Company?

Would have been happier if that had been disclosed earlier ...
>>> "Any catchy phrases for water bottle labels" <<<

You mean flavoured water.

You are aware that Coca Cola's Dasani brand is simply local municipal tap water that has been filtered and purified? Pepsico's Aquafina (not to be confused with the anti-wrinkle cream and lip balm of the same name) is just the same.  There's no magic in it, such as natural filtration through volcanic lava that is millions of years old, or any other wondrous qualities.  Just filtration, osmosis, and UV light, that's all.
Anyone can go to that link and see some of the ideas others have had. I see nothing eye popping.
Also if anyone wants to enter during the last 7 time frames you can express your own ideas for a label there.
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Hawaiian Deluge.

Tropical sparkle with a hint of sulfur.
Thailand Cave Water - Suffused and imbued with the bi-products of 14 boys.

Faucet Fountain - A refreshing water-based beverage with a subtle taint of chlorine.

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