Warranty Tracking for IT Asset Recommendations

James Bunch
James Bunch used Ask the Experts™
Fellow EE's, I am looking for some software solution suggestions for auditing asset warranties. Below is a list of desired functions that I would like to have and if anyone has something that can do some of these please feel free to share, thanks in advance!

1. Start/Ship Date, End Date: This is critical. I need to know when a tracked asset is nearing its warranty end to approach extension or replacement.

2. Vendor Neutral: If possible I need a system that can check different vendors if possible. Dell is typically an easy solution which I typically deal with but some clients have non dell systems and servers which causes extra effort to track and adjust.

3. Event Triggers: If possible it would be able to also send notifications to a desired email account or notification outlining a pre-configured time period prior to expiration. This early warning system would be important to give the client time to budget and respond accordingly instead of last minute.

4. System Type Flexibility: Most devices like workstations, laptops, and servers have the ability to check the vendor. I also need the ability to manually add details and fields for systems that may not have a system that can be tracked manually. This would be important for UPS/Battery Backups, Switches, AP's, etc. If it cannot be que'd by an automation system with agents I need to add to the list.

5. Technician Assignments: Would love the opportunity to set the systems into clusters like for specific clients, locations and the assets associated with each. At this level, I would also like to be able to add specific clusters to technicians in my organization so that a trigger for expiration would notify an assigned Tech. directly instead of notifying everyone, or granular notifications.

6. Reporting: I cannot imaging something that wouldn't support this but the ability to run reports into a client facing design to discuss these items would be a benefit.

7. MSP Automation: Finally, this would be something I would like to integrate into a monitoring system. For example, SolarWinds RMM, would be one of the systems I would try to integrate this into. This also means tracking for hundreds and thousands of endpoints (PC's, switches, UPS, AP's, etc.) for multiple clients. We need to be able to appropriately monitor this system with a centralized system if possible.

Any and all suggestions would greatly appreciated!
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